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When migrating to Canada there were several cities to choose from but the Capital City of Ottawa seemed to make the most sense to owners Mayassaa Chaltaf and her brother in-law Mohamed Al Abed.


A little background: Mayssaa and Mohamed were both born in the heart of the Middle East having an instinct for great foods and growing up on delicious traditional dishes. Their passion for cuisine was thoroughly motivated by a love for that homemade touch.


Their families are close and so they enjoyed many meals around the same table discussing their favourite dishes. It all started when there was a moment in conversation where they realized they could capture that same homemade taste in the form of a restaurant.


They quickly came up with the name, SemSem (the Arabic word for Sesame), it felt familiar to them and it is often the core ingredient of many Middle Eastern dishes. You can find sesame in such Eastern baked goods as flat bread (Khubz), Kaak (After 8), sweets like sesame cookies (Barazek) and even hot drinks. Sesame was a great way to bring it all together, by infusing it with all-things SemSem, adding an emotional connection and pragmatic direction to their brand.


After what seemed like an eternity of careful planning and research, SemSem was born. It was now time to open the doors to what they dreamed would be the start of something very special.


Since 2016 they continue to uphold their passion for great food and service, as well as keeping with a consistent standard.


The dedicated team at SemSem look forward to serving you for a long time.


Join them for breakfast soon!

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Don't miss out! Our Basket promotion ends next Thursday 17 Sept. Order online or call us at (613) 733-5736.

For dine-in service, we encourage you to reserve your table ahead of time. Call us at 613-733-5736 between 10am and 4pm.

Place and pay your take-out orders online. We also accept in-store payments (Credit/Debit, *No cash)