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SemSem café has an outstanding Eastern-inspired menu that is fast becoming “a must go to” breakfast/brunch spot for Ottawans.

SemSem means “sesame” in the Arabic language and it’s a big ingredient in a lot of the menu items. SemSem boasts the famous SemSem coffee bun a sweet baked good that is sure to have you coming back.

The menu features Eastern born with an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients. A destination to enjoy something simple and delicious everyday, we welcome locals and visitors alike with friendly service, culture, experience, and family.

SemSem can cater your next event either in-house or delivered to your location.

Spinach Triangle $18 1 dozen We also cater: 
Halloumi Fingers $21 1 dozen Mujadara
Mini meat pie $18 1 dozen Tabouleh
Mini zaatar pie $12 1 dozen Mutabal
Mini cheese fusion $15 1 dozen Fatoush
Green zaatar Sfee7a $24 1 dozen Eggplant (Musakaa’)
Green zaatar fatayer (stuffed with cheese) $30 1 dozen Green beans Salad
Meat Palestinian Sfee7a $24 1 dozen Yalanji
Falafel tray $15 1 dozen
SemSem Twist $2.75 piece Bulk purchases for In-house prepared items
Sambousa cheese $21 1 dozen Labneh $18 per kg
Sambousa vegetables $18 1 dozen Labneh balls $25 per kg
Musakhan Roll $18 1 dozen Zaatar $23 per kg
Kebbeh $20 1 dozen Falafel Dough $18 per kg
Arabic ice cream $19 0.5 kg Frozen Sambousa
Tahini Cake $24 Loaf Frozen Kebbeh
Mirage Tray $28 tray Forzen Musakhan Roll
Anise Cake (whole) $32 Bundet Fig Jam $38 per kg
Maakroon $30 kg Any others, on demand

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Reopen for dine-in starting Feb 16. Reserve your table ahead of time to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

We can deliver your orders through DoorDash while we continue to take online orders between 10am and 4pm.

Receive an instant confirmation to your online orders and payments.

Last time for placing orders is 3:30pm and latest time for pick up is 3:50pm.

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