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SemSem has an outstanding Eastern-inspired menu that is fast becoming “a must go to” breakfast/brunch spot for Ottawans.

SemSem means “sesame” in the Arabic language and it’s a big ingredient in a lot of the menu items. SemSem boasts the famous SemSem coffee bun a sweet baked good that is sure to have you coming back.

The menu features Eastern born with an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients. A destination to enjoy something simple and delicious everyday, we welcome locals and visitors alike with friendly service, culture, experience, and family.

SemSem can cater your next event either in-house or delivered to your location.

Spinach Triangle $21 1 dozen We also cater: 
Halloumi Fingers $21 1 dozen Mujadara
Mini meat pie $18 1 dozen Tabouleh
Mini zaatar pie $12 1 dozen Mutabal
Mini cheese mixed $18 1 dozen Fatoush
Green zaatar sfee7a $24 1 dozen Eggplant (Musakaa’)
Green zaatar fatayer (stuffed with halloumi cheese) $30 1 dozen Green beans Salad
Meat Palestinian Sfee7a $24 1 dozen Yalanji
Falafel tray $15 1 dozen
SemSem Twist $2.75 piece Bulk purchases for In-house prepared items
Sambousa beef $21 1 dozen Labneh $20 per kg
Sambousa vegetables $18 1 dozen Labneh balls $30 per kg
Musakhan Roll $24 1 dozen Zaatar $28 per kg
Kebbeh $24 1 dozen Falafel Dough $18 per kg
Arabic ice cream $19 0.5 kg Frozen Sambousa
Tahini Cake $24 Loaf Frozen Kebbeh
Mirage Tray $28 tray Forzen Musakhan Roll
Anise Cake (whole) $32 Bundet Fig Jam $38 per kg
Maakroon $30 kg Any others, on demand

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