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By Jessie Moore – a SemSem fan and Foodie-part-time blogger


Those Delicious Baked Goods, After 8, that’s 8am I hope!


I have to say when I hear the words ‘baked-goods’ I envision a muted colour scheme, some guy wearing a white linen apron with rolled up sleeves. His arms covered in flour as his rough hands work the dough on the old wooden table. The air is filled with flour particles and the room’s aroma has the undeniable great smell of freshly baked bread. Lace curtains ruffle and wave at the open window as if to applaud the authentic culinary scene.


Ahhhhh those words, baked-goods, just sooth my soul. I am a romantic baked-goods foodie at heart and with today’s calorie-conscious mindset I tend to be an outcast at times. I’m ok with that as long as I have SemSem by my side!


So baked-goods refers to two culinary processes, One: cooking with dry heat in an oven and Two: making flour-based goods cooked by baking. The two processes involve the Baker and the Pastry Chef, and they bring it all together to make incredible pastries and baked temptations at SemSem. Side note, I’ve never been that good at making baked-goods but I’m always the first to say I want some and when I discovered SemSem it became my go-to baked-goods destination craving-station.


I have a love for all things baked. I would beg my parents to go to the bakery, when I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was sit and wait in line, so I could take in the smells and sights. My mouth watering as I anticipated that flaky sweet or savory piece of sunshine.


Visiting SemSem gives me a very similar vibe, I guess that’s why I go so much.


Having an experienced pastry Chef in the kitchen makes all the difference. Their After 8’s and Man’ouche menu’s are outstanding and when those After 8’s are pulled out of the big oven with that neat rotating floor, using that big wooden paddle, I’m all a glee.  I discovered the peek-a-book window at SemSem and now I’m always eager to watch all the activity that takes place as they prepare the orders.


The first time I tried an After 8, fresh from the oven, my taste buds were fully-awakened and probing all the new flavours, that infused sesame taste and rich melted cheese soothed that little girl waiting in line at the Bakery.  Ahhhh, I melt back into my seat, take a sip of tea as a smile makes its way across my face.


I am now forever lost in ordering an After 8 every time I visit.  It’s part of my repertoire of food favorites, soon to be discussed. I wouldn’t want to overload your food-visionary senses. (grin)

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