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Ramadan with SemSem

June 2018



The upcoming holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and those who participate are considering the impending fast and the overall spiritual upliftment that the month brings.


Every year, Muslims from around the world, fast during the daylight hours of Ramadan. There is a huge Muslim community in Ottawa and many of them fast and meet during the sunset hours for iftar.


Ramadan is the ninth month in the lunar calendar and fasting is incumbent of healthy Muslims from dawn until dusk. This will also include abstaining from drinking, eating, immoral acts and anger.  Other acts of worship, such as prayer or reading Qur’an and giving to charities are also encouraged.


During the month families and friends get together from the community for what is called Iftar meals, after sunset.


Iftar is a time for family and community. It’s a period of sacrifice, reflection, self-restraint and even healing of the body, “So fast and be healthy”.


As much as I love food, I also love staying healthy and for those who can fast, there are a variety of health benefits associated with fasting.  A study was conducted in 1997 that demonstrated that fasting lowered bad “LDL’ cholesterol levels by 8 percent, triglyceride by 30 percent, and increased good “HDL” levels by 14.3 percent. All of this can be directly linked to protecting your heart from cardiovascular disease.


Fasting also promotes fat breakdown and even weight-loss. It’s obvious that calorie consumption is reduced over Ramadan, with the exception of those that over-indulge at Iftar and sahoor (early morning hours before sunrise).  If you are conscious of your meals and make healthy choices you are bound to also lose weight over Ramadan.


It’s exciting to hear that this year, SemSem has decided to take part in offering an entirely new evening take-out menu for the upcoming month.


SemSem guests can enjoy ordering from the new menu, in advance, to pick up for iftar.  Choose from a different menu each week!! This Ramadan menu is offered as a pick-up menu however you’re welcome to pick-up and sit-in at SemSem. NOTE: Sitting in at SemSem will not include evening Service (Waiter/Waitress).


Soup $3.50

Salad $3.50

Appetizer $2.50

Main course $15.00

Dessert $3.00


There will be catering for intimate or large events and all with an easy-to-use online ordering system.


The menu will include all kinds of delicious dishes, prepared by the same Chef’s you’ve come to love and trust at SemSem.


Keep up to date with events and news at SemSem by subscribing to their e-mail. You can do this by adding your name and details on their contact page!  Happy Fasting!




By Jessie Moore – a SemSem fan and Foodie-part-time blogger





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