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.SemSem - Traditional Breakfast/Brunch

An article by Jessie Moore


Hello Breakfast Lovers! I’m a SemSem fan and a part-time blogger, so here we go!


We all know that breakfast can provide your body and brain with fuel after fasting overnight. Without a hearty breakfast you’re essentially running on empty. This is part of the excuse I use when I convince my husband it’s time to head back to SemSem for a fix.


Starting your day out at SemSem, with friends and family, is a great way to not only satisfy those cravings but to energize and motivate your spirit. You not only fill-up on healthy homemade foods but rejuvenate by sitting back and enjoying the charming environment and of course, good company.

With every visit, I find a room full of chatter and smiling faces, with those wonderful aromas drifting out from the kitchen. I can’t get enough of their delicious SemSem tea. I still can’t figure out what’s in it. It’s become a game between my husband and I, what are those hidden flavours?  I am always leaving content with a big smile on my face, and that’s a good thing. (No that wasn’t an intentional Martha Stewart meme but I feel like I had the Martha-steward treatment!)


SemSem owners and staff are thrilled to know that they have become a go-to destination for family and friends, in the Ottawa region. They’ve greeted returning familiar faces from as far out as Orleans, Kanata and even Brockville.


It’s clear that the staff at SemSem take pride in their food prep and service and they are always looking to improve and add to their menu and guided systems, meeting regularly to brainstorm. They’re very dedicated and nothing gets past those doors if it’s not as it is meant to be, a policy that is set in-stone by co-owners Mayssaa and Mohamed.

The kitchen is in great shape, clean and everything in its spot. They are staunch on using measured recipes, fresh ingredients and a regimented style of kitchen-staff routines which means they keep food items moving out quickly and consistently. I’m guessing it’s part of the reason they are a growing success.


I look forward to my next visit and I’ll continue to pester them about opening a location near me, I can totally stand to up my visit-game to SemSem!!





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