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.SemSem - Traditional Breakfast/Brunch




**UPDATE** This FREE GIVE-AWAY is no longer available. Thank you for all those who participated! Please stay tuned to our website for more give-aways! **


At SemSem there is a new year planned with all kinds of upcoming events, specials and one-of-a-kind deals that you won’t want to miss out on.


This coming Wednesday April 18th SemSem is planning to announce the launch of their new website and on-line menu and to do this they’re offering a very special deal.



The new online SemSem website and menu is a great new addition to the positive changes they have set-out for 2018. The menu and website is bound to make life easier for visitors.



The online menu offers all of the items you have come to expect at SemSem. Although please be aware that some menu items may be dine-in only, so check your order carefully.  The online menu is currently setup for pick-up only although there have been many requests for delivery. There are plans to implement delivery in the near future so keep up with news on the SemSem website and their monthly e-mail newsletter that you can subscribe to via their contact page.



So take NOTICE:


  • Make sure you schedule your calendar for this one-of-a-kind event that involves a fantastic FREE give-away.
  • If you’re a fan of SemSem’s traditional breakfast then you’ll be a fan of this exclusive on-line offer! Who wouldn’t want free SemSem??


APRIL 18:  If you place your breakfast order on the morning of the 18th , through the new on-line menu, for PICK-UP, you then have your choice of either:


  • One free mini-fatteh

  • Or One free small cheese overdose!


IMPORTANT REMINDER: SemSem has a lot of special online events planned for the near future, so make sure to sign-up for their monthly email and keep up with all their exclusive online offers.  You can do this by signing up at their contact page. In the message section write “I would like to subscribe to your monthly newsletter” and you’re done!


We’ll see you on the 18th!! First come first serve, so get in while supplies last.





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