Traditional Breakfast



If you’ve never tried Eastern breakfasts, then you are in for a wonderful surprise.


SemSem is known for their traditional, authentic homemade cuisine.  Sip your tea, sit back and relax while you settle in with friends for a delightful traditional breakfast.


Their Eastern-inspired breakfast items have been perfected and fine-tuned for consistency and flavor.


It’s a little-known fact that in the Middle East breakfast is a bit of a big thing and even more so on the weekends.  Breakfast is taken to new heights, that most Western breaky-lovers can’t really compare.



Breakfast at SemSem is a medley of flavors, plenty of fresh bright colours, great aromas and lovely textures.


A lot of the SemSem soul-full menu favours chick-peas but chick-peas are not always a main ingredient. Hummus and fool (fool translates to fava-beans), tend to go side-by-side and are often seen together.  Most Western dinners are familiar with hummus but tend not to have heard of fool.  Don’t be shy, you’re likely to find a new loving-cousin in this savory favorite breakfast bean concoction.


Items like falafel are a classic breakfast item and SemSem has incredible falafel that can’t be beat, crispy and full of great taste.


The SemSem After 8, also known as Kaakeh is a popular sesame bread among Levant countries like Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. It’s not unheard of to start your morning with

kaakeh. At SemSem you can enjoy After 8 with a variety of fillings, including cheese and Za’taar. Baked fresh and served right from the oven the After 8 bread is a true classic with a uniqueness that is only described as having the SemSem touch.


It’s not a completed breakfast without a spot of mint-tea. A beautiful fresh mint leaf gently floats in a glass cup of hot tea. It’s a great way to start and end your breakfast.



You’re sure to enjoy the scrumptious breakfast menu offered at SemSem. Invite your friends and sign up for the bulk email to get exclusive offers!







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